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Swift Page Free Plugin Speed UP-WP

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speed up wordpress free plugin
Today I’ve got 4 completely FREE WordPress Plugins for you to check out No Cost - No Strings Attached - And Completely Free Full Versions WP Swift Page is a WordPress plugin that can used to optimize page load speed performance of your website so that pages load more quickly. Using this plugin, you should be able to see improved ratings and scores when examining your pages with tools such as Google Page Test or GTMetrix. Using the plugin is very easy. Simply specify the settings options provided in the admin page. Note: The Wp Swift Page Plugin comes in Full Edition and Lite Edition. This manual is good for both editions, but the following features are not available in the Lite Edition. • Image Compression • Browser Cache • Manage CSS & Javascript in a page Access the "WP Swift Page" Admin Area. This menu item appears in the WordPress Admin Area when you activate the plugin. Clicking on this menu link take you to the WP Swift Page Dashboard. In addition, there are several submenus under the WP Swift Page menu, all of which lead to the various settings of the plugin – they are organized by tabs. Here's an explanation of each tab page.

There's a critical factor that might be hurting your traffic, sales and commissions. And believe it or not, it seems SO ridiculous that most marketers and bloggers usually don't pay attention to it.

The issue about the loading time of a WP blog. Yes, in the past this never thought that could be something that would hurt some online businesses BUT, IT CAN.

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